What is a B>lab?


· The B>lab is a space where ideas can emerge and circulate within the exploration process.
· In the B>lab connections happen through motion and horizontal discussion.
· Through the B>lab participants can engage themselves in the research and share their discoveries in order to feed the collective creation.
· Every B>lab facilitator(s) is in charge of proposing a theme, opening questions and providing a flexible structure for the work sessions and the final sharing.
· One B>lab can have very different topics. For example in the past years participants have proposed following subjects:

   - "The Dance of your Life? - Let us bring the body to our purest state, and dance in an intimate world, our world. The idea is to work with our interior being, from a physically intense state, in order to appear to the rest of the world. What is intimacy? Can we do the best dance of our life in one single minute?”

   - "The body annulled of its human figure - Observing space organisation we notice how shapes and colors are passively fed to our perceptive senses. We take for granted that our social uprising codifies our common perception. By noticing spontaneous compositions we seek to highlight and eventually interact by altering the visual balance. We will question the presence of the body and its paper as performing space.”

   - "Body as an instrument - The observation of the movement and the physicality of a musician's while playing his/her instrument can give infinite choreographic possibilities. The manipulation and composition of these movements, applying principles of Laban's studies, can lead towards the creation of several dance/music compositions, that can be performed by musicians and dancers. At the same time, a musician can observe the musical body of a dancer to compose layers of sound through her/his movement.”

   - “Baby, take off your coat - We will explore the juxtaposition of culture, body and perception. Starting from a growing interest in choreography, dance and performance art as tools to expose the power of social, political and cultural mechanisms, we will investigate the traces these control systems have in our body, identity, way of moving, thinking and perceiving the world. By using diverse methods and exercises, we will aim to experience and reveal the mechanisms, which act upon us. In what ways does our physicality represent and articulates these mechanisms? What is the underlying structure and practical movement which they produce?”

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