What is BIDE?


a platform for networking and exchange for professional choreographers, dancers and performers. BIDE gathers professionals from performing arts fields and facilitates a structure for the creative exchange under a special form of laboratory, called B>lab.

BIDE organizes three lines of activities during the year
1- an event called Lab-meeting held every spring in Barcelona as well as satellite Lab-meetings in Europe and America.
2- a B>residencies program in Barcelona in collaboration with several of our partners within the framework of the Grec Festival.
3- Seminars will introduce the work of BIDE and the promotion of entrepreneurship networks between artists in Europe and America.

Our mission

BIDE gives value to the arts of movement within the contemporary social context.
BIDE encourages mobility and creative exchange between artists of different age, culture and background.
BIDE promotes the constructive dialogue between different models, ideologies and realities through horizontal dynamics of participation.

Our objectives

· Create a space for intercultural dialogue.

· Facilitate an opportunity of horizontal and transversal exchange of knowledge.

· Articulate a place in which interaction and collective creation are at the same time tools and goals.

· Emphasize self-responsibility in the creative process.

· Value constructive feedback when discussing each others methods of work and outcomes.

· Underline the connection between artistic practise and political action in contemporary society.

BIDE values

· Create an inspiring and fruitful exchange, we emphasize self-responsibility. Above all, BIDE is set in action, defined and made meaningful by its participants.
· Giving space for artists with different backgrounds, cultures, ages and interests coming together, and various needs and ways of processing given material/ideas.
· Professionality, education and personal experience. We believe that all of us can learn from each other and there is no necessity for hierarchies in learning/working processes.
· Curiosity, courage and open-mindedness to bring us further in communication and exchange.
· Constructive feedback when discussing each others pieces and methods of work.
· The union of forces for strengthening the status of contemporary dance in our society. Together we can make the work more visible and show the value and importance of dance in the times and cultures we are living in.
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