Who are we?

The members of the main BIDE team are all professionals working within the European contemporary dance field. They come from different sources as dance, visual arts, social communication and anthropology, among others.
They join BIDE project due their common interest in performing arts and cultural exchange, and for promote the motion of
 ideas, curiosity and practices, working in an horizontal and radial way.


Sebastián García FerroArtistic Director
Choreographer, dancer, performer and composer based in Barcelona since 2005. He has directed his own company since 2000 and staged nineteen pieces like “Solamente Solo” (2000), “Huellas” (2003), “Back” (2007), “Travellers” (2009), “Colapsar” (2011), “Impasse #2” (2013). He has formed at Argentina, USA and Europe, winning awards that include first prize for the best choreography at the 2007 Maspalomas Competition. Over the last few years he has received several commissions for large pieces. These include Versus 0.2 for the Compañía Nacional de Danza Contemporánea de Argentina, Orquestrat for the Barcelona Symphony Orchestra, Ballet de la Ópera de Rieka with “Air From There”, the TOTDANSA Project in 2011 and 2012 and TOTDANSEN 2013 with 650 tennage dancers on stage. In 2016 he premier his large piece +45 co-produce by the Mercat de les Flors, Festival Grec y Festival Sismograf among others. He is Associated choreographer of La Caldera/les Corts Choreography Center, Secretary of the Profesional Asociation of Dancers from Catalonia and Residence Composer of the Fundación Phonos/Pompeu Fabra University. He found BIDE in 2007.
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Fabritia D'IntinoArtistic Manager and Communication
Freelance performer and choreographer. In 2008 she graduated with a Diploma at the National Dance Academy of Rome (IT), and in 2011 she graduated with a BA in Dance at Artez Hogeschool vor de Kusten in Arnhem (NL). With a special interest for improvisation and instant composition, she performed in various contexts as dancer and maker in collaboration with different kind of artists in Europe, U.S.A. and Latin America. Since 2013 she is collaborating with the company Déjà Donnè (Perugia) that produces her works. In 2014 she is supported by the EU program Dance Moves Cities (Terni/Riga) for the research about site-specific art. In 2015 one of her collaboration is part of the graduation works of SNDO – School for New Dance Development (Amsterdam). In 2015 she starts working with the Company Sosta Palmizi (Cortona, Italy) as dancer and with the theater ZUT (Foligno, Italy) as organizer. She is currently based in Italy.
She joined BIDE Team as artistic collaborator in 2013.
Marcela ImazioProduction
Producer and cultural manager, she is based in Barcelona since 2001. She has a degree in social communication by Universidad Nacional de Cuyo (Argentina), specializing in cultural production by the Universitat Ramon Llull from Barcelona, Spain. Since 2001 she has developed her career in Argentina, Belgium and Spain, both producing large events for public administration as Festival Grec and Festes de la Mercè and private management for festivals and events, as Festival Escena Poblenou or MoM-El Vivero. She also runs several cultural projects for dance, music and circus companies with Elclimamola production Agency and Sebastian García Ferro dance company. She is interested in dance, literature and cultural policies. She joined BIDE team as general producer en 2012.
Tristán Pérez-MartínMedia and Communication
Photographer and videomaker based in Barcelona from 2000. He began working in photography when he was 15 years old, then he studied at the Escuela de Arte Fotográfico de Avellaneda (Buenos Aires) and about 10 years ago has specialized in contemporary dance, theater and performing arts photography, working with various institutions, companies and artists. He also works with video and develops his personal photo projects. Till 2011 he has formed part of Finmatun, a cultural association that worked with art in prisons. He's also studying Social and Cultural Anthropology.
He began to collaborated with BIDE making the photos and videos in 2012 and is part of the Team since 2015.
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